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Our Service Area

We work in all areas of Erie County for service upgrades and new service installations, so if you don’t see your area listed, call our office to make an appointment. We specialize in all new and upgraded services: single-meter, multi-family, multi-tenant, 3-phase commercial, riser, mast, etc.

Extra Residential Services

While we are conducting your free estimate, there are several services that we can perform to protect your home and loved ones.

Service Safety Inspection

Visual check of your service cables and meter, check system grounding, inspect the breaker panel for any visual deterioration, moisture or arcing. Tighten all terminals inside the panel.

Add Smoke and CO2 Detectors

Install 10 year battery smokes in the bedrooms and a *smoke/carbon monoxide outside the bedrooms* Required on the first floor of a 2 story home as well.

NYS Amanda’s Law

Install a 120 volt smoke/carbon monoxide with a 10-year battery in the basement.

Whole-Home Surge Protection

Installed at your panel to protect all of your valuable electronics from power spikes.

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